Provide best-in-market Advance Warning, First Aid & Emergency Solution for your clients

  • Finger tip Operation Branded with your logo
  • On their phone, which they have with them day and night
  • Can also activate from their smart watch and earphone (Android only)
  • Best selling Emergency Button App 132,000 Customers with feedback rating of 4.36 on Google .


  • Full Command & Control Center Setup  by Freeway– Just a Web browser ,Internet Connectivity and Command & Control Center Operators Required.
  • Deployed within Hours. Ground Level Integration for Maximum Benefits Within 7 Working Days.

Improve First Aid & Emergency Response Capacity By Reduced Demand 

  • Early Warning of Disaster Situations
  • Mobilisation of Local Emergency First Responders & Healthcare( First Aid)
  • Hot Zone Early warning and Evacuation ( Full Ingratiation Required )
  • Hot Zone Multiple extraction + Supplies Optimisation
  • Emergency response and management
  • Instant Location Saving Man Hours ,Drought, Lost person Land/Sea 2D or 3D (Full Ingratiation Required) location.
  • Response and Hot Zone Isolation

Advantages of Using 

  • Lives saved , Minimise losses, Crowd Support
  • Rapid Response Treatment and Evacuation
  • Response team and Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Manage Resource Overload
  • Equipped Rescue Response.
  • Flood, Land Slide, Fire, Gas, Medical, Security
  • Risk Reduction and Evacuation
  • Criminal acts, Tsunami, Bomb, Accident, Drought
  • Zero to Minimal False Alarms in Real Time Response
  • Maximise Public Private Partnership Emergency Response

Value Added Services

  •  Be Proactive And Raise Awareness: Send Instant Notifications Of Disaster, Emergency, Crimes, Scams And  Suspicious Activities To The Local Community.
  •  Receive Intelligence, Including Photo, Location, Category, Description Of Incidents And Suspicious Activities .
  •  Users Can Also Use The App To Find Their Local Police Station.
  •  Help Locate Client Phone.
  • Reduce Capital Investment and Cost through Public Private Partnership

When your clients activate their emergency:

• Receive alerts to your control room
• Phone call
• SMS alert
• Audible and visual alert to backend database
• Track clients location in real-time on Google Map, even if they can’t speak or are on the move.
• Emergency Response Team can View clients details – including their Picture – to assist recognition.

Results Saving Full Integration

Lives Lost 80% reduction(upto)
Medical and Rescue Cost 80% reduction(upto)
Supply Chain Optimization 10-50% Saving (upto)
Destitute/Berieved Families 60% Reduction(upto)
Response Time Under 3 Minutes(Average time)
Safety Improvement/Attraction 65% Improvement upto
Estimate of Quantified Annual Saving Upto 60% Annual Saving on Lives ,Medical Expenses & Resource Utilisation.